Fullkon Group carries out all the necessary stages of a project from architectural project drawing to interior design, construction and implementation. In line with the demands of its customers, Fullkon
Group creates comfortable new living spaces that can be used with pleasure by designing and implementing living spaces in a convenient, robust and aesthetic way.


Our goal in architecture service is to make you realize your dreams without neglecting the current legislation and regulations while you make them meet with excellent architectural designs with the best use of the technologies that give you the best answer in the project phase. In addition, an official follow-up is also carried out by our company.


According to the principle of “Imagine, design and apply”, we make the most aesthetic results by
using the three-dimensional computer software used in this field while transforming your dreams
into reality.




Civil Engineering

Our aim in engineering services is to draw the most appropriate and quality materials for the
construction of structures in the best way from the architectural point of view and to draw the
application projects.


Restoration and Renovation

In order to preserve the ties between the past and the future, we restore historical structures.



While we are producing more livable, people-oriented spaces, we are constantly creating new places to follow the new trends, breaking certain patterns and addressing the needs of the person and appealing to their tastes.



When using technology effectively, we provide turnkey service for your reinforced concrete, wood and steel construction structures in order to offer a better and more spacious living space by considering human health.