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About Us

Fullkon Group brings its vast experience which is from import to export, from architecture to
construction, from real estate development to residence and cafe management, to Europe and its
rising star, Montenegro. Fullkon Group set out to add value to Montenegro. Fullkon Group is a
participation of Emre Group which signed many projects since 1995 in Turkey.


Group has been built many houses which is a model in modern urbanization in Istanbul. We have
completed our projects stages "Şişli Park Evleri" when we started at 2008. We provide services with
our perspective of "safe buildings, happy lives."


Our mission; With the projects that combine modern architecture with comfort and trust, it is to
build structures that respects nature and add value to the people. Our aim is to add pleasure and
value to human life by creating pleasant places in accommodation and food & beverage sector.


Istanbul Office

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